SteriWhite Air Q115

The SteriWhite Air Q115 from Hönle provides solid support by sterilising your environment – and you don’t have to vacate the area for it to do so. Thanks to its elegant design and quiet operation, the SteriWhite Air Q115 can be integrated discretely and effectively into your living or workspace. The Hönle UV lamps work efficiently to inactivate 99,99% of viruses, bacteria, fungi and yeasts on surfaces, as proven by Goethe University in Frankfurt in 2020. This UVC air disinfection device can be used in many different areas, including restaurants, bars and hotels, medical practices and waiting rooms, school and teaching facilities, as well as offices and meeting rooms. More information >

How UVC disinfection works in a closed system

Learn how the SteriWhite Air Q115 can make the air in your rooms safer with UVC disinfection – all without chemical pollution or ozone formation, and you don’t even have to leave the room while disinfection is taking place.

Luftentkeimung in Wartezimmer und Arztpraxen

UVC air disinfection in medical practices

Make your treatment and waiting rooms simply safer with the SteriWhite Air Q115 from Hönle. UVC air disinfection can help to effectively improve hygiene even in public spaces. The SteriWhite Air is unobtrusive in its design and quiet in its operation so as not to disrupt your patients. The SteriWhite Air can even be used in treatment rooms for more targeted disinfection.

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More protection for staff and guests in the hospitality industry

UVC air disinfection can be integrated quietly and seamlessly into your restaurant, café or even bar and supports the other hygiene measures you have in place without negatively impacting your customers’ experience. Thanks to its slim design, the SteriWhite Air Q115 can be installed flexibly and can be used for targeted disinfection in selected rooms with “plug & play” to effectively support your hygiene concept.

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Luftentkeimung in Hotel und Gastronomie
Pflege- und Seniorenheime

A supplement to hygiene measures in the care sector

Surface disinfection and other measures as part of a holistic hygiene concept are extremely important in the care sector. In care facilities where direct contact is particularly important, UVC air disinfection from Hönle can make many different spaces simply safer without disrupting day-to-day activities, perfect for use as a supplement to existing hygiene measures.

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Safe learning in schools and teaching facilities

The SteriWhite Air Q115 disinfection device can be integrated quietly and discretely into classrooms and training areas as a supplement to other hygiene measures, without disrupting teaching activities. With Hönle systems, students can continue learn in a safer, cleaner environment. Generating almost no noise (less than 39 db), the SteriWhite Air Q115 won’t distract your students. What’s more, it can also be mounted on the wall, completely out of reach of children.

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Schulen, Kindergärten und Bildungseinrichtungen
Büros und Meetingräume

UVC disinfection in office spaces and meeting rooms

Following the coronavirus outbreak, hygiene concepts have now become vital in the world of business too. Employee protection is extremely important, now more than ever. By using UV air disinfection technology, the SteriWhite Air Q115 reduces the germ load in the air and inactivates harmful viruses and bacteria in aerosols, allowing you to make your meetings and offices even safer. And thanks to its low operating noise, the UVC air purifier from Hönle won’t disturb your meetings.

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UVC air disinfection can be used to supplement other measures as part of efforts to stop the spread of Covid-19. To avoid infection with SARS-CoV-2, surfaces must still be disinfected and rules relating to social distancing and wearing a face mask covering both the nose and mouth must be followed. Always follow the latest Covid-19 guidelines.